What Those We Inspired Say

Positive feedback on life changing results!

Tommy’s clients are full of praise for his coaching and mentoring – and the positive outcomes it has led them to in their lives.

“I have known Tommy Breedlove for close to twenty years. He is one of the most insightful and dedicated professionals I’ve ever met. I highly recommend adding him to your team.”  – Cade Joiner


“Tommy’s diverse life experiences mixed with his deep intuition and empathy make for a powerful combination. You won’t regret reaching out to Tommy!” – Darrah Brustein


“Tommy took me under his wing almost three years ago and has shown me what it means to be a man. While he possesses extraordinary business acumen he has an innate ability to understand others and help them achieve their goals.”  – Bryan Wish


“Tommy understands business, how it supposed to flow and the calculus behind it. A quick read on most any situation and is an exemplary team builder and leader.” – Keith Daniel


“Tommy is one of the rare individuals in the world that has a God given gift for driving business results while simultaneously making the world a better place.  I was captivated by his journey, from corporate executive on the fast track to purpose driven lover of goodness, and have leaned into him for his wisdom and tools/tactics to find my purpose and more fulfillment ever since.  Tommy is an ocean of wisdom and I find myself leaving each exchange with him a better version of myself as business leader, dad, husband, and human being.” – Cody Hicks


“Tommy is a generous individual. He’s generous with his time, his knowledge, his friendship. He genuinely work towards being a positive influence in the community.” – Jimmy Lee








Tommy Breedlove