Legendary Life Executive Retreats

Become a True Pro

Escape to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains for a three-day, full immersion, all-inclusive retreat held at The Mountain Top Lodge in Dahlonega, GA.

This adventure is designed for high achievers who aspire to…

  • achieve leadership, business, mindset, and relationship mastery.
  • become pros in all phases of their professional and personal lives.
  • belong in a world class community of like-minded people.
  • be better leaders, humans, parents, and spouses.
  • increase self-confidence and the courage to be better.
  • level up their life, business, career, and network. reconquer their time and schedule.
  • make more money.
  • be remembered and leave a lasting LEGACY of significance.

During this retreat, you will receive guidance and tools to achieve meaning, peace of mind, purpose, and true happiness in life without compromising your ambition or financial and professional success.

Do you have the courage to lean in and be better in all phases of your business and personal life? If so, let’s take this Legendary journey together.

IMPORTANT: You may have the opportunity to join the Legendary Mastermind after attendance at this foundational retreat. If you are asked and called to join, be prepared to step into a world class group of men who are continuously and relentlessly leveling up. 

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