Leadership, Business, Relationship, & Mindset Coaching

Build a Legendary Life

How much is the following worth to you?

  • More time in your life
  • Financial Confidence leading to Financial Freedom
  • A larger and more powerful network and friend group
  • Earning more respect, confidence, and status with your peers, family, network and friends.
  • Uninhibited intimacy and romance with your significant other.
  • & Living a Life of Significance, Purpose and Meaning.

Is it $250,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 or priceless?  Are you worth it?  Is your family worth it?  Is your legacy worth it?

I think so and now it’s time for you to unconditionally believe so.  Let’s LEAN-IN and walk this journey together!

During this journey, I will provide you with the guidance, motivation, and tools to rediscover your brilliance, achieve meaning and true happiness in life without compromising your ambition or financial and professional success. My mission in life is to empower humans with the tools and skills to become the persons they have always dreams of being.

Goals and Expectations of Our Work are as Follows:

Personal Goals & Expectations

  • Building Systems and Tools to Obtain Financial Confidence and Freedom
  • Reconquering and Becoming a Master of Your Time
  • Becoming a better Spouse, Parent, and Friend
  • Leveling up your Life and Network
  • Finding Purpose, Significance, Wealth and Success in Life and Work
  • Greater Fulfillment in Life
  • Building Loving, Trustworthy and Intimate Relationships
  • Skills and Processes to Become a Master of Your Mindset
  • Building your Life Plan, Personal Mission Statement, and Purpose Statement
  • Developing Short and Long-Term Personal Goals
  • IMPORTANT – Personal Responsibility to Living Your Highest Truth

Business Goals & Expectations

  • Increased overall knowledge of Financial, Operational, and Business activities resulting in increased Profitability for the entire company
  • Guidance and brainstorming on significant Business Innovations and Improvements
  • Improved Leadership skills resulting in increased Confidence and Resilience to daily challenges
  • Rediscovering Your Zone of Brilliance
  • Developing Short and Long-Term Professional Goals
  • Guidance and Visualizations on tough Conversations with business partners, colleagues, employees, board members, & superiors when applicable
  • Investment and potential business opportunities with Tommy Breedlove and/or his network


It’s important to understand that success, happiness, balance, purpose, and fulfillment in life are journeys (not destinations) and take tremendous courage and very hard work.

Thank you again for your trust in yourself and for taking this journey with me. – Tommy

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