Tommy Breedlove

Here’s what you get when you work with Tommy:

– Greater Fulfillment in Life

– Finding Purpose and Significance in Life and Work

– Guidance and Brainstorming on Significant Business Choices or Changes

– Developing Your Life Plan

– Developing short and long-term Professional and Personal Goals

– Greater Personal and Professional Boundaries

– Rediscovering your Zone of Brilliance

– Greater Wealth and Success to your Personal and Professional Life

– Building Loving, Trustworthy, and Intimate Relationships with your Significant Other

– Greater Self-Awareness

– Obtaining Unconditional Self-Love, Respect and Courage

– Accountability to Living Your Highest Truth

– Balancing and Re-Balancing depending on Current Goals

Coaching with Tommy IS for you if you…

– know it’s time for big changes or choices in your life.

– are ready to level up your life, business, career and network.

– wish to increase your personal status and business prestige.

– believe money is important.

– desire balance without sacrificing financial security.

– want to conquer and become the master of your time and schedule.

– are curious why you were put on this earth.

– are a successful executive looking for an outside resource to brainstorm with.

– are willing to be held accountable.

– aspire to be remembered and leave a lasting LEGACY.

Coaching with Tommy is NOT for you if you…

– don’t believe you can have it all (balance, success and fulfillment).

– seek a quick fix.

– don’t want to invest in yourself.

– aren’t ready to do the hard work.

– think money isn’t important.

– think money will buy you happiness.

– are not coachable.

– are not willing to be held accountable to your core values.

– believe your problems are somebody else’s fault.

– let fear stop you.