Career, Mindset and Relationship

Build a Legendary Life instead of achieve meaning in life.

Congrats for taking this Bold and Courageous step to invest in yourself. This will truly be the best investment you ever make. you in the 1% sentence from proposal document. “this puts you in the 1%” want them to feel prestigious.

Value and Results to be Received from the Coaching Program are:

♣ Greater Fulfillment in Life
♣ Finding Purpose and Significance in Life and Work
♣ Building Loving, Trustworthy, and Intimate Relationships with your Significant Other
♣ Guidance and Brainstorming on Significant Business Choices or Changes
♣ Developing Your Life Plan
♣ Developing short and long-term Professional and Personal Goals
♣ Greater Personal and Professional Boundaries
♣ Balancing and Re-Balancing depending on Current Goals
♣ Greater Self-Awareness
♣ Obtaining Unconditional Self-Love, Respect and Courage
♣ Rediscovering your Zone of Brilliance
♣ Greater Wealth and Success to your Personal and Professional Life
♣ IMPORTANT – Accountability to Living Your Highest Truth

“By working with me”, you gain a mentor and accountability coach dedicated to seeing you become the BEST you possible. I truly practice what I preach. I gave up a very lucrative financial consulting career to follow this calling of helping men lead a life of significance.

“You and I will be winning” this game of life when we have replaced anger, judgment, fear, envy and insecurities with love, truth, freedom, creativity and a sense of unbounded possibilities.

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Tommy Breedlove